Agents In Artificial Intelligence

So what is Artificial Intelligence agents. But first let’s have a short definition of an Agent so what is agent at the first place? So an agent can be a person or a thing that grasps an active step or role that impacts on an specific effect. We actually have different kinds of agents.

The Human agent: which have eyes, ears altogether with the other sense organs and other organs in the human body that works as the sensors and actuators.

The Robotic agent: Cameras, infrared, NLP and various motors serves as their sensors and actuators.

The software agent: Software agents have keystrokes, file contents serves as the sensory input then they act on those inputs and displays the output through the screen.

Now let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence agents. Developing artificial Intelligence, we have agents in here too which have mental assets like knowledge, belief and intentions they sense and act on their environment through sensors and actuators.

Artificial Intelligence agents are the associated concepts that AI technologies work upon. The artificial Intelligence software or AI-enabled devices with sensors collect the information from the environment and proceeds the data for extra action.

How Agent Interacts With The Environment

There two ways of how agents in Artificial Intelligence interacts with the environment.

  1. Through perception: It is a passive interaction where the agent gains information about its environment without changing it. The sensors of the agent in artificial intelligent assists it to gain information about the surroundings. To make it short, gaining information through sensors is called perception.
  2. Action is the second way: It is the interaction here the environment is changed. When the agent moves using its arm it is now called an action. The one performing the action is called “Effector” it is usually the arm of the robot.

An Artificial Intelligent have four Main Rules.

  1. An AI agent must possess the capability to assess the environment.
  2. Must be able to use the assessment to make decisions.
  3. Must act upon the assessment done.
  4. The action taken from the assessment must be logical.

Structure Of An AI Agent

Agent=Architecture+Agent program. It is a combination of architecture and agent program.

Characteristics Of An Artificial Intelligent Agents

  1. Commonly, an Artificial Intelligence agent’s characteristic is by adaptation based from experience, success or error analysis, problem solving and memory-based storage and retrieval usage.
  2. Similar to software agents which autonomous computer programs.
  3. Used for applications in data mining, data analytics, and customer service support (CSS).
  4. Can be referred to a bot or short for “Robot”.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence Agents

  1. Alexa and Siri are AI assistants and they examples of Artificial Intelligence agent because they use sensors to perceive a request made by the user and collect data right away from the internet on its own.
  2. Infogate is also an example of an AI agent. Infogate alerts users about news based on specific topics on the internet.
  3. Autonomous Vehicles is also considered as an example of AI agents because they also use sensors, GPS and cameras to make decisions bases on the environment to navigate through traffic.
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