All Data Structures Tutorial

When we talk about data structures, we often imagine a lot of technical stuff. We think about highly complex stuff but it is not the case.

But hey!! , Why should we learn data Structure in the first place?

The answer is whole computer science is the study all about storing and manipulating data for fulfilling our needs. Moreover, for cracking/getting your dream job you should master this field and hey I will help you in the same throughout this course for FREE.

What is Data Structures?

Data Structures are the ways to organize data, as simple as that, nothing much special, we just use different types of elements to store and manipulate the data according to our need and satisfaction.

A real-life example of this is that you can hold/store water in the glass, kettle, or any type of utensil according to your need but the objective of using or manipulating water(data) remains the same.