Applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is very popular nowadays because it is being utilized in so many applications in our society. The abilities of an AI are being vastly manipulated in many fields like finance, healthcare, transportation, Education, Security, and many more with the intent of developing these fields. Let’s start to discuss some Applications of AI one by one.

Applications of AI


Banks use artificial intelligence for book-keeping as well. Particularly, AI is very useful in corporate finance. Why? Because AI can predict and assess loan risks. Companies will be looking to increase their value and AI technologies like machine learning can develop loan underwriting and lessen the financial risk.


From the CT scans or EKG or to identify high-risk patients for population health to assisting Doctors and even used as a companion for elderly patients. Artificial Intelligence can also be trusted in providing consultations, predicting HIV progression, create drugs, design treatment plans and, analyze heart sounds.  Other medicine-involved tasks that can be performed by an AI are mining, medical records which can help provide more useful pieces of information.


Some cars are so advanced with Artificial Intelligence driver-assist features. It can park on its own and has advanced cruise controls. We also have self-driving vehicles carrying passengers. Aside from AI-based cars, Artificial intelligence is also being used in the prediction and detection of traffic accidents it can be done by converting traffic sensors into intelligent agents using the camera.


Education is also an easy task for an AI, now we have AI tutors that give students extra help. Have you heard of voice assistants? These are the popular Alexa of Amazon, Siri of Apple, Google Home, and  Microsoft Cortana. These are giving students a chance to access an Educational material without the interaction of a Teacher.


First, we have Cyber Security: Here Artificial Intelligence is being used as a defense against hackers. The software on our computers or smart devices are vulnerable and can be exploited by human hackers. Recently, Artificial Intelligence is used to predict cyber-attacks.

Security and crime prevention: It was used in many police stations nationwide for predictive policing.  AI-powered crime analysis tools have been significant. Some uses of AI in security are game theory, it predicts when terrorists or other threats will strike. Coast Guard also makes AI produce or create a schedule that makes it difficult for terrorists to know when there will be an increase in police presence.


Technologies have developed a robot that uses computer vision to monitor and precisely spray on plants.  The AI is also used in identifying defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil through pictures captured by a smartphone’s camera. Users will then be guided on soil restoration techniques, will also be given tips, and other possible solutions.

Social Media

Artificial Intelligence is also used for social media, Facebook, for example, used AI for face verification here the machine learning and deep learning concepts are used to recognize facial features that can be used in automatically tagging friends. Extracting every minute detail from an image using a bunch of neural networks are under the deep learning concept of an AI.

Space Exploration

Astronomers used Artificial Intelligence in this matter to be able to sift through years of data in order to identify a distant eight-planet solar system. Space expedition requires analyzing vast amounts of data so Artificial Intelligence is the best way to process the data on this scale.

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