History Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The history of AI (Artificial Intelligence) began with the attempts of Classical philosophers to describe Human thinking as a symbolic system. But this process wasn’t so simple. There were criticisms regarding the progress of Artificial Intelligence.

So the government drop-off the funding and interest in this field. This period was known as the “AI winter”. But it was soon revived by the British government, they provided the funds to compete with efforts by the Japanese.

How AI Started

  • The very first proposed work of which is now known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the model of Artificial Neurons and it was done by Warren McCulloch and Walter pits back in 1943.
  • Now called Hebbian Learning started in the year 1949 was demonstrated by Donald Hebb he showed how an updating rule for modifying the connection strength between neuron works.
  • An English mathematician who also pioneered in Machine Learning in 1950 by the name of Alan Turing publishes “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in which he proposed a test. The test was called the Turing test. It can check the machine’s ability to disclose behavior equivalent to human intelligence.

Challenges of AI

AI winter

It is the period when public interest in Artificial Intelligence was declined along with the funding from the government and investments.

The first AI winter

In the early 1970s, leading Scientists made all sorts of promises about the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They predicted that Artificial Intelligence would soon outmatch humans in checkers and chess games and automate translations of written texts in different languages. But unfortunately, none of this happened until decades later. When AI beats the chess world champion in 1997.

The second AI winter

It was triggered in the 1980s, by the emergence of “expert systems” where they are trying to bring AI closer to taking on realistic challenges that instead of just trying to initiate general problem-solving functions of the human brain, they want to focus on solving domain-specific problems.

The start of AI

When was Artificial Intelligence invented?

Finally, during a summer conference, Artificial Intelligence was coined by an American mathematician and computer scientist on August 31, 1955.

The person who created Artificial Intelligence

The first AI program was designed by Newell and Simon in 1955 but the person who coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” and is acknowledged as the father of AI is John McCarthy an American mathematician and computer scientist.

The Place where Artificial Intelligence was born

The place where Artificial Intelligence was born is at the summer conference in Dartmouth College it is where John McCarthy first coined the term “Artificial Intelligence”

The First Artificial Intelligence program

The first Artificial Intelligence program is called “Logic Theories” developed by Herbert Simon and Allen Newell which proves 38 of the first 52 theorems of white head and Russell’s Principia Mathematica.

First Artificial Intelligent Robot

WABOT-1 is the first “intelligent humanoid robot which was built in Japan in 1972.

Artificial Intelligence Robot Citizen

Now we have the very first AI citizen by the name of Sophia. Sophia was created and programmed by Hanson robotics, which is a Hong Kong-based humanoid robotics company. Sophia is recognized with the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

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