String Methods In Java

As we know that string is an object that represents the collections of character. String is used for storing the text and if you want to store a text into a string variable then put the text inside the double-quotes.

String in Java is immutable which means it can not be changed when once it has been created. It is a non-primitive data type because it’s size is not fixed.

String is a class that contains lot of methods to performs operation on string such as toUpperCase()toLowerCase()isEmpty()concat()replace(), length() etc.

Java String Methods

1. toUpperCase(): By using this method we can convert the string to uppercase string.

2. toLowerCase(): By using this method we can convert the string to lowercase string.

3. isEmpty(): This method returns true if the given string has 0 length and return false when the length of the string is greater than.

4. concat(String str): contact the string at the end of the string.

5. replace(char old, char new): It returns the new string after replacing the old value with a new value.

6. length(): This method return the length of the string.

7. toCharArray(): By using this method we convert the string to character array.

8. equals(): use to compare two string, It returns true if the string is equal else return false.

9. equalsIgnoreCase(String string): This method also used to compare two string but it does not consider the case while comparing strings.

10. hashCode(): This method return the hash code of a string.

11. indexOf(): This method returns the position of character from a string.

12. substring(int startindex): It returns the substring starting from the startindex from the string.

13. contains(): It returns the true if the character is found in the string else return false.

14. chartAt(int index): It returns the character at the specified index.

15. split(): This method returns a string array when will matching regex.

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