Types of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is classified into four types in 2020 the first type is doing well as of the moment already and we are now perfecting the second while, the third and fourth types presently exist in theories only, and they will be the next step for developing Artificial Intelligence in the future. Let’s get to know the different types of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

types of AI

1.) Reactive Machines AI

The first stage to any AI system is the reactive machines these are the type of Artificial Intelligence which perform the basic operation. Reactive Machines are the simplest level of AI as well as their architecture.  These types simply react to its output from what was input on it and there is no learning that can happen.

2.) Limited Memory AI

This type of AI could store previous data and use that data to make better predictions. Limited memory AI makes the machine learning architecture a little more complex because every machine learning model needed limited memory before it can be created, but with the complexity, the machine can be deployed as Reactive Machines.

There are also different types of Machine Learning model

  1. First, we have SUPERVISED LEARNING – it is the approach that creates AI that was given labeled input data as well as the expected output approach. To simplify the model is trained and was already told what to look for or what output to give.
  2. On the other hand, we have UNSUPERVISED LEARNING – in this type of learning machine, the model tries to analyze the data. In unsupervised learning, the model was not given guidelines, or there are no external measurements. The algorithm comprehends the data and next to detect the patterns or similarities.
  3. Lastly, we have the REINFORCEMENT LEARNING – It is a sector of machine learning focused on the approach of software agents in an environment in order to enhance the concept of cumulative reward. Reinforcement learning determines the probability of how the state will change.

3.) Theory Of Mind AI

This type of AI is aimed to begin to interact with the thoughts and emotions of humans. But Theory of mind is yet to reach but is already in their beginning places which can be found in things like self-driving cars. It is said that the Theory of mind AI will make a better companion.

4.) Self-Aware AI

Perhaps Artificial Intelligence will achieve tranquility and will become self-aware. But this kind of AI only exists in stories yet. A self-aware Artificial Intelligence far-off the human has an independent intelligence. In the distant future if this happens might it be for good or bad, we’ll never know.

Attainability of Self-aware Artificial Intelligence

Because self-aware AI is yet existing in stories, the question is will it be attainable or reachable? Presently we are perfecting three types of AI and the potential of the fourth or final type (we are not sure yet) doesn’t seem impossible though. But presently, developers of Artificial Intelligence are protecting and perfecting the types that are developed now and slowly going on through Artificial Intelligence for generations to come.

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