What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Let’s try to give a clearer definition of Artificial Intelligence. From the two words itself, ‘Artificial’ and ‘Intelligence’, ‘Artificial’ simply means it’s produced or made by human beings who want to redevelop something that is natural.

While, when we talk about the computational part of the ability of an individual might it be human or animal to do something or achieve something lies on its ‘Intelligence’. So, AI or Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of this Intelligence, human intelligence specifically into machines and computer systems.

Programming them to think like humans and even move like humans making them do advanced tasks such as problem-solving, expert systems, Language processing, or (NLP) and even speech recognition and machine vision.

AI makes the task faster. AI can perform multiple tasks at the same time so multi-tasking is one of its expertise. It can operate 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week without rest as it doesn’t get tired. They can also be deployed across the country or even across the world.

AI can also make decisions by accomplishing tasks, faster and smarter. Impressive right? Yes, those are just some of the advantages of an AI. But like any other matter out there, AI to have its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us start with the advantages.

Advantages Of AI

1.) Minimal human error

Humans aren’t perfect and so the possibilities of humans making mistakes or errors are always present, but thanks to the invention of AI everything can be expected into perfection. Because whatever tasks we input into an AI can be done with efficiency.

2) Using AI in risky situations

Instead of using actual humans in exploring the deepest part of the oceans or travel into space, we can now make use of AI instead. We don’t have to risk lives in making important researches any more thanks to the invention of AI.

3) Don’t need rest

Humans can averagely work 8 hours in a day with rest and break and humans can get sick. But AI does not need any of those, they can work 24/7 and do not need time to eat and don’t even need to go to the comfort room.
Those are some of the many advantages of an AI so maybe now you are thinking that the invention of AI is truly high-tech.

Disadvantages Of AI

1) High Cost

Considering the many advantages of AI, no wonder it can cost a lot so it can be costly. Deciding to utilize the invention of AI may cost a substantial amount of money.

2) Humans becomes dependent on AI

Humans will be so dependent on AI. They will make AI do all the works for them and will soon forget the meaning of hard work.

3) Unemployment

As AI can be efficient workers, employers will prefer using AI for the faster and more accurate job, there is a possibility that instead of human getting hired on a job, AI will do all the works kick in.
AI being invented is a Genius work as I must say but as I’ve said just like anything out there, AI to have its own advantages and disadvantages. We have just gone through some of those in this article.

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