What Is Python

If you want to learn python then must have to first know What Is Python. Python is a high-level programming language. Today it has made its place in the world’s most popular programming languages. The name of its founder is Guido Van Rossum. He is a Dutch programmer.

People also referred to him as “Benevolent Dictator of life” for his contribution.  He started working on it as his side project. The first release of python was released in the early nineties. 

The major second release of the Python language was released in 2000. The third release was released in 2008. this release was incompatible with previous python releases. that’s why many people use python 2 and most people use python 3.

Why popular

There are many reasons behind its popularity

  1. Syntax
  2. Community
  3. Culture
  4. Multi-Paradigm


The way of writing this will remind you of English. Python’s writing method makes it more programmer friendly than other programming languages. From the code given below, you can guess yourself how beautiful it is compared to other languages.

x = 25
y = 10
z = x + y
print("Sum of x+y = ",z)


Python is a free and shared programming language. Python has been founded by Guido Van Rossum, but it has developed from the beginning to the present, with the help of a large community that uses it.

The Python community offers new changes to languages ​​with the help of PEPs and is then reviewed and accepted by the reviewers. PEP means Python enhancement proposals.


The culture of the python community reinforces this community. There are certain conventions or beliefs that are taken into account when programming in Python. Python places great emphasis on readability.

If you want to understand Python culture, you have to understand The Zen of Python. It is a group of instructions of some sort that directs a Python programmer to write beautiful, clean, and readable programs.


Python is a multi-dimensional language. It supports both object-oriented and functions oriented structures.

What Can We Do With It

Everything in the software industry – it would not be an exaggeration to say. Let’s see what we can do with this.

  1. Web Development
  2. Data Science
  3. Application Scripting
  4. Server Administration or Linux Administration
  5. Software development

Web Development

Python provides us with many frameworks for web development. Which makes web development much easier in Python. Many popular web applications have been made on Python such as Instagram, YouTube, and Dropbox, etc.

Data Science

Python is very popular today in the data science community. Python is today highly respected in the field of data science. The biggest reason for Python being popular in the field of data science in the world of libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, TensorFlow and NumPy, and  Many More that come with it. Which makes it much easier to manage the data and analyze it faster.

Application Scripting

Due to its simplicity, Python language is also used by the developers as their scripting language. This is a great option in application scripting languages. The scripting language is very useful on the computer to do your manual graphics design work very easily. Blender is one example of it.

Server Administration or Linux Administration

Python language is also very much preferred for system administration. It provides us with a lot of third-party libraries which helps a lot in system administration. The fabric library is also very popular among people.

Software development

It is slowly being liked in software development as well. Many large software systems are now slowly shifting to Python. Python provides many software development tools such as sCons, Trek, Buildbot, and Apache Gump, etc.

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